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Proper Patient Registration

The revenue cycle begins with the patient. When a patient initiates contact with a medical practice, the patient must be properly registered. If possible, all patient registration information should be collected prior to the patient's first visit. A proper registration process includes complete demographic information, accurate contact information (such as working phone numbers and correct mailing addresses), and insurance coverage information. Ideally, if circumstances permit, insurance coverage can be verified prior to the patient's first appointment.

Revenue Collection Acceleration

There are many methods available to increase the collection of cash revenues for your medical practice. Electronic claim processing, direct entry of Medicare claims, and document imaging are just a few of the available methods that can be leveraged to dramatically reduce the lag time between services rendered and cash payments received into your practice.

Automated Insurance Eligibility Verification

We can assist you in setting up a process that automates the insurance eligibility verification for your patients. Our Clearinghouse will provide a framework that allows your medical practice to upload its appointment schedule several days in advance. The result is a batch process that maximizes the efficiency of your staff's time and effort. Accounts Billing Service formulate a business model that is built on your practice, your methods, and your processes. Your normal practice procedures remain intact, while tweaked to achieve the greatest level of efficiency possible.

Reduce First-Pass Denied Claims

Denied claims drive up cost for any practice. Gathering correct data to submit claims in a way that minimizes first-pass denials is crucial to controlling labor cost. We can evaluate your denial versus acceptance rates to help provide a clear picture of opportunities for improvement within your practice. High first-pass denial rates can often be drastically reduced by simply taking the time to collect all of the required information during the patient's first contact. For instance, in order for a charge to be posted correctly, the correct CPT service code and ICD-9 & ICD-10 diagnosis codes must be posted in a timely manner.

Patient Follow-Up After Services

Consumers today are more empowered than at any time in history. With the advent of social media and extended networks of friends and associates, your patients can spread the word about your practice, either good or bad, very quickly. The "brand" of your medical practice is affected by every patient that you come in contact with.

That's where ABS fits into your practice. We can provide patient care specialization throughout the entire revenue cycle, including following up with the patient after the initial service is rendered, through the entire revenue collections process, and then a final follow-up to help protect your brand. We excel at what we do.

Outsource with Confidence

With ABS, you are not simply outsourcing your Revenue Cycle Management, you are allowing ABS to partner with you. We will build a solution tailored to your needs. From the front desk to the back office, our Revenue Cycle Management team will evaluate every aspect of your practice and help increase your profitability by streamlining services beginning with initial patient contacts and extending to patient follow-up, collection, administrative functions and beyond.


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