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Our staff will research your revenue processes, and will help formulate a solution that you need.
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We provide high success rates on billing services provided on behalf of our customers. Ask about these solutions today!.
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Meeting Medical Management Challenges

Managing a healthcare practice in a challenging business environment can present many unexpected challenges. Regulations change constantly, insurance companies are always looking for ways to shrink their reimbursements, and necessary billing and accounting services can almost become burdensome as the workday schedule becomes more and more filled. 

Customized Management Services

  • Staff Updates: ABS will keep your staff updated with pertinent legal issues and changes in the market
  • Procedure Reviews: ABS will reinforce and review procedures to ensure consistency in your practice.
  • Chart Reviews: ABS will provide customized charts that create a visual view of specific areas of your practice. ABS will work with you to create such metrics and provide them to you on a regular basis as desired.
  • Client Communication: ABS believes that communication is a key component to success. ABS team members will maintain active communication with your staff. This communication will allow both TEAMS (ABS and your practice) to achieve a win-win relationship in the Revenue Cycle Management process.

Regulatory Compliance Initiative

With the current state of affairs within the tort system in the world today, it is imperative that a medical practice remain in compliance with applicable regulations and laws. Considering the speed at which such regulations and laws change in the world today, it is sometimes a major challenge to remain in compliance. Our Regulatory Compliance Initiative can assist you and your staff to ensure that you maintain full knowledge and compliance with the regulations that apply to your practice.


We can provide a wide array of commonly used forms for medical practices such as Medical Logs, Patient Charts, Office Signage, Patient Information Profiles, etc. Most of the forms we provide can be customized to meet the needs of your practice, including insertion of the name of your medical practice, physician's name, etc.

We can also provide Patient History Questionnaires, Registration Sheets, Telephone Messages, and much more, all available upon request.

Stability is critical to maintaining the reputation of a medical practice. Patients must be able to develop a personal relationship and deep level of trust with their clinicians and physicians. Staff stability is an important component of a relationship-building effort. In your practice, you want the best healthcare employees that are available in order to help create and sustain a solid reputation as a practice that is trustworthy, competent, and stable. Our staff will assist you with achieving excellent results in this area.


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