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Revenue Management
Our staff will research your revenue processes, and will help formulate a solution that you need.
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We provide high success rates on billing services provided on behalf of our customers. Ask about these solutions today!.
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Our staff will put together a package that meets your needs in every way. Total solutions for great results!
Accounts Billing Service

300 E. Shotwell St.
P.O. Box 1928
Bainbridge, GA 39818

Tel:  229.493.0207
Fax: 855.241.8348


Hiring Accounts Billing Service to help manage your medical practice, including debt recovery and revenue management, will be one of the best decisions you will make. ABS will tailor all of our packages to meet the unique needs of each client that we serve.

Either fill out the online form below to submit your information to us immediately, or download our printable form to submit by email, postal mail, or fax. No confidential data will be submitted by you at this point in the process - we will contact you in order to proceed further.

How Do You Get Started?

The first step is to request a consultation in order for us to evaluate your needs. We will then consult with you so that we can formulate a plan that will allow us to offer you services tailored to your needs. We will offer only what you need, but do so in a way that will help us become an invaluable part of your team.

Once a package is put in place, we will continue to work with you on a regular basis so that any information or data is transferred back and forth in a seamless manner. We will become such an integral part of your management process that you will wonder how you ever got by without us.

What Can You Expect?

As an ABS customer, you can expect a partnership to be formed that is intently focused on allowing ABS to become a part of your team. You can expect a professional, accurate, and friendly ABS staff that will make the relationship between ABS and your medical practice one that will become more and more valued as time passes by. You can expect absolute confidentiality and security in all data and information that is entrusted to ABS.

Our goal is to provide such a high level of service to your medical practice that you will never question whether or not we are a valued part of your organization. As your practice grows and changes, you can expect the services that we provide to you to grow and change as well. By staying in touch with you, we can be sure that our services remain relevant to your practice and that they are optimized to help ensure that you are operating in the most efficient manner possible.

We Respect Your Privacy

No confidential data will be submitted by you at this point in the process. Once you become a client of Accounts Billing Service, you will be provided with the ability to submit any necessary information to us through a secure method that complies with HIPPA requirements. This will allow you to easily and securely transfer files to us as needed on a repetitive basis.

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